The internet and the use of various technologies have opened up many doors for education. A surge in e-learning occurred as educators world wide tried to adapt to the Covid 19 pandemic. Because of the lockdowns, restrictions and the need for social distancing, schools everywhere can no longer function as they usually would. A reliance on technology and various apps and platforms to facilitate e-learning emerged. Even though some places are now reopening businesses and schools, many have opted to continue learning online. At Oxford English Academy ,we have always been one step ahead with our remote learning practices. We continue to promote and practice e-learning as a viable option in education.

How can you learn to speak English online?

There are several different methods available online that can facilitate language learning. These include:

  • Self-teaching using web resources and free lessons on YouTube, free basic ESL courses or access to online books
  • Downloading a language app on your mobile phone
  • Watching English tv shows and movies online
  • Keeping up with English music
  • Signing up with an online English tutor

If you already know the basics of English, you can build on your skills by attempting the first four options. For an absolute beginner or something who wants to pursue certification in English, signing up with an online English tutor is the best thing you can do for yourself.

How does online tutoring work?

After choosing your package, you will have access to the student platform where you can find your course schedule and other learning resources. Your assigned tutor will conduct classes via video call. You should have a working webcam and microphone in order to participate in the class. Classes will be structured more or less the same way that it would be done in person with visual aids, exercises, lessons and practice assignments. 

How will I know if I’m on the right track?

Tutors at Oxford English Academy are very invested in their work. They will ensure that you properly understand a topic before moving on to something new. You will be given opportunities to ask for help or clarification, you will have practice conversations, reading practice and many other activities to help you improve and learn English from the basics to advanced. They will prepare you for English exams such as IELTS and provide all the help and resources you need.

How can I learn to read English online?

If you are enrolled in an online class, you will have access to course materials for reading and practicing. Apart from the course content, you can improve your reading by browsing websites, reading articles in English, and reading e-books. The more you practice reading, the wider you can expand your vocabulary and you can also improve your spelling. Pinterest is a great source of online charts, vocabulary lists and spelling exercises. You can find printable items that you can use to practice reading and spelling in your spare time.

What else can I do online?

One of the great features of the internet is how it can bring people together. Social media, chat rooms, forums and other online sites are places where you can engage with other English speakers. You can make a friend online who can help you to practice speaking English or study online with people that you know. Since many online interactions are text based, by typing and spelling out words you can improve your writing skills and grammar. Of course, always remember to practice online safety by not giving out your personal information, address or banking information to strangers. If you have an English pen pal, you can even arrange to video or voice chat where you can practice oral speaking.

As previously mentioned, YouTube has a range of ESL resources. You can practice phonics, watch videos about grammar and search any topic you need to improve on. If you are a visual learner, this resource can be a great asset in your language learning. The more you immerse yourself in English language, the faster you will pick up the sounds, the vocabulary and broaden your knowledge on various topics, trends and cultures in the English-speaking world.

Just do it

If you always wanted to achieve certification in English, online learning has made it more accessible than ever. You can start at any time, there is no registration deadline or start date. After your consultation, you can choose a package to suit your needs. Once these steps are completed then you are ready to start your journey to becoming fluent in English!

There are many benefits of acquiring certification in English. It will help you enroll in colleges and universities, be eligible for job opportunities and open up more opportunities for travel and migration. You will also be learning and becoming fluent in a completely new language and become multi-lingual. This alone is a great asset to mention on your resume! Pursue your English learning dreams online with Oxford English Academy today and work towards achieving your optimal potential!

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